Body Positivity

A women can be beautiful no matter what her size is, but it seems like the women who preach this message the most are always undeniable attractive. While big girls who adorn their bodies with pride may be empowering to some, it could also be harmful to others with poor body image. Learning to love and accept your body can be a struggle while being bombarded with modern beauty messages, whether you’re big or small. Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust shared her thoughts on what body positivity should be in response to a fan who once found her to be an inspiration, but then began to feel negatively after making comparisons.



“To be ‘body positive’ when you’re plus size you don’t need to look or act a certain way. You simply need to appreciate that all bodies are good bodies, and short of getting arrested, believe that people can dress how they like. Being ‘body positive’ and wanting to lose some of your own body weight, or wanting to alter it temporarily or long term with corsets doesn’t take any value away from the body love message. Having an hourglass figure doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate women with apple or pear shapes – hourglass figures are not superior. Showing off your figure on social media (in, dare I say, overtly flattering poses) doesn’t mean that you are lying to yourself or somehow not embracing what it is to be plus size.” – Georgina Horne

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Gorgeous Fashion.

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It’s New York Fashion Week, and I thought I’d get into the spirit by highlighting some drop dead gorgeous models. Cosmo has put together a list  showing 8 amazing plus size latina models. You can see the list by clicking here.

Be You.


It’s a simple message, Be You. Why?  because you are what makes you beautiful. Not some image you find in a magazine that tries to sell you on what beauty is.

Beauty isn’t something that’s one ideal, it’s several things that make it up. It’s a living idea that’s different from person to person.


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Mindy Kaling on Body Image.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Mindy Kaling, she’s an actress and writer. Best known for her work on The Office, and The Mindy Project.

She also was able to make an important statement on body image over this magazine cover in just one twitter statement. You can read more about it by visiting Levo.


Changing Things Up.

Winter can be dull and boring, but you can spice things up by giving yourself a slight change in look. Just by changing up your eye-lashes will add a hole new effect to your appearance.