Shapewear, Confidence and Style

Modern fashion is all about expressing your unique personality with confidence and style. The curvy, fashionable women of today are celebrating their voluptuous bodies with style, allowing for a mainstream plus size fashion movement.

As the fashion industry expands our options, we should double back to square one to make sure our shapewear is up to par. Lingerie and shapewear can make or break an outfit, depending on the style.

Ill-fitting underwear can create panty lines and bulges, pushing your curves to the wrong places. Good shapewear will set you up for style success! To wear your outfits flawlessly, start your look with the right foundation garments.

High quality, well-fitted shapewear smoothens the curves of your silhouette, supporting a seamless look under your clothes.

The fabric and design should be the first thing to check for when buying shapewear. While Spandex may work for some women, shapewear that’s constructed with high-quality fabric along with some boning for support and shaping will ensure a truly functional fit. Wearing high-quality shapewear with the right features will prevent rolling and bulging.

Make sure that your shapewear fits properly! A fit that’s too small creates bulges–and a fit that’s too big won’t properly support your body. It’s important to choose seamless styles that fit snugly (not too tightly, to avoid the dreaded panty-lines, muffin tops, and back rolls). Thongs typically work best with tight pants but seamless, low-rise, well-fitting bikini style underwear can work, too.

Thanks to the rising popularity of influential curvy models, lingerie blogs, and vintage styles, fashion has brought us more high waisted foundation wear and supportive undergarments to create a seamless look that follows a woman’s curves. Foundation garments are perfect for both casual and dress attire.

There are so many options for us big and beautiful women to create a smooth and seamless silhouette. If you feel too confined by one-piece foundation wear, use a combination of an upper body shaper and a high-waist panty brief.

Dressing fashionably and looking fabulous is the ultimate confidence booster, which is why good shapewear will set the foundation for success!