All Shapes and Sizes, Tips on What to Wear.

I would normally attach a photo to this post, but the photo I have in mind isn’t quite right and won’t do justice. However if you click here you’ll see what I’m talking about. Now before you go any further you’re going to want to check out this great article by Hems for Her. It’s a quick read and it will help you with finding the right style, and fit you need.

Be Nice To Yourself.

  We need to learn how to be kind to ourselves and to one another, we need to watch what we say and how we say things to other women in manner of which we address our bodies.  We all have our hang ups and insecurities and being kind to one another can go a long way.


Body Art of Plus Size.

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With a quick search you’ll be able to see a lot of body art, beautiful body art in fact. But what normally doesn’t come up is the beautiful body art found on beautiful plus-size women.

Thankfully The Curvy Fashionista has gone out of her way to pull together a list of some incredible women who have incredible pieces of art on their body.

You can see the list, by clicking here.

Mindy Kaling on Body Image.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Mindy Kaling, she’s an actress and writer. Best known for her work on The Office, and The Mindy Project.

She also was able to make an important statement on body image over this magazine cover in just one twitter statement. You can read more about it by visiting Levo.


Changing Things Up.

Winter can be dull and boring, but you can spice things up by giving yourself a slight change in look. Just by changing up your eye-lashes will add a hole new effect to your appearance.

10 Years And Still Looking Good.

It’s been 10 years since Dove launched their Real Beauty ad campaign and it’s looking rather good. We’ve seen over the course of a few years more and more companies are following what Dove has paved the way for. But few can match what Dove continues to do.

You can read more by clicking here.